Representative Mo Brooks, a republican from Alabama, has taken pushback for a tweet he wrote that many are calling incindiary. As reported by The GrowthOp, the tweet, shown below, claims that George Floyd, the man who was killed by Minneapolis police and whose death sparked a worldwide outcry for justice, is being deified by the media, Socialists, and Domocrats. The tweet inferrs that Floyd was a “druggie & thug” because of his history of arests, including (according to Brooks) for marijuana.

Mo Brooks Calls George Floyd a Druggie

People across Twitter are calling Brooks’s statements “reprehensible,” “shameful,” and a sign he is “not fit to serve in the US Congress.” One tweet quoted in the article said, in a reply to Brooks, “Continuing the admittedly racist rhetoric of the war on drugs to justify the State killing a person with no due process is absolutely disgraceful. You make a mockery of the Constitution you purport to uphold.”

mo brooks

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