Have you ever wanted to plan a trip to the one and only Las Vegas, yet all the strip clubs and night bars that end in regret and sorrow just isn’t your type… Well your wish has been granted! Las Vegas has just opened its FIRST “try before you buy” Cannabis consumption lounge and it sits in one of the LARGEST Cannabis Dispensaries in the world!

The Vegas Tasting Room is the only private Cannabis Club with a dab bar “

In 2017, more than 39 million people visited the city of Las Vegas increasing the amount of out of state visitors to these local dispensaries, however one major problem kept happening, there was nowhere to actually smoke cannabis in Las Vegas, even if it was Legal.

The Laws and regulations around cannabis in Nevada have previously not allowed these types of lounges. However the amazing team at NuWu Dispensary has provided a safe place for Las Vegas Locals and tourists to smoke weed.

Casinos in Las Vegas have been trying to get approved and we will see what happens now that someone has got their foot in the door in the Las Vegas lounge market, opening up what might just be the best thing to ever happen to Las Vegas.

While the Nevada locals get to enjoy the luxury consuming cannabis on private property usually in the safety of their own homes, this is posed a real issue when you have tourist and no safe place for them to consume.

However if you were to create your dream place to bring friends and smoke a few bowls, then the soon to be world famous NuWu’s Dispensaries Tasting Room has everything you could ever wish for!

las vegas cannabis lounge, NuWu The Tasting Lounge
The Tasting Room Offers 30 Minute Appointments along with table services to enjoy with friends.

Nuwu and their team will be celebrating the Grand Opening of The Tasting Room on October 5th 2019 and will be open to the public. The Tasting Room is a place you MUST visit if you come to Las Vegas and it is just North of the Las Vegas Strip, & 2 blocks from The Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas.

Thank you from the bottom of our GREEN HEART. NuWu and The Tasting Room team has finally provided us the dream place in the heart of Las Vegas to consume cannabis.

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